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    The Clovis Community Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the community of Clovis. Many organizations, from the Clovis Botanical Garden to the Clovis Boys and Girls Club have benefited from the generous support the Foundation has given to them. Please join the Clovis City Council and countless others in supporting the efforts of this innovative community organization.”

    -The Honorable Nathan Magsig, Mayor of Clovis

  • Clovis Library and Learning Complex

    As you may have read recently, the City will be building a new library on the NE Corner of Third Street and Clovis Avenue.

    We are exploring whether a new library could be part of an entire complex that could bring people (and tax dollars) to Clovis. In short, have the new library be part of a “learning/kids campus" comprised of:

  • Clovis Community Theatre

    CenterStage (Clovis Community Theatre) is dedicated to bringing fine live theatre to our valley community.

  • Boys and Girls Club of Clovis

    We are working to build a Boys & Girls Club in Clovis. We want to create a healthy and wholesome place for girls and boys in our community. The Boys & Girls Club of Clovis will provide guidance for youth to help them discover their needs, pursue their interests, broaden their viewpoints, dissolve their prejudices, resolve their conflicts, set their goals, understand themselves and have fun!

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    Clovis Community Foundation is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations that help us serve our community.

    The City of Clovis
    The City of Clovis has provided us with much needed support. They have provided us with server space to host our web site on. They also provide us with technical guidance and assistance in our events and our grant programs.

    The Clovis Botanical Garden
    Located on the northeast corner of Clovis and Alluvial Avenues in Clovis, The Clovis Botanical Garden is dedicated to the culture and demonstration of flora suited to our Mediterranean climate in the San Joaquin Valley. They invite you to enjoy beautiful California natives, Australian and other flora with Mediterranean origins from around the world in a relaxing environment.

    The Clovis Boys and Girls Club
    The Boys & Girls Club of Clovis will be a positive place that offers all kinds of educational, recreational and social activities. Caring, trained youth development staff provide guidance in helping boys and girls broaden their viewpoints, dissolve their prejudices, resolve their conflicts, set their goals, understand themselves and have fun!

    The Coalition for Community Trails
    Coalition for Community Trails (now merged with Tree Fresno) is working with the Cities of Fresno and Clovis, Fresno County, the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District(FMFCD) and the Fresno Irrigation District (FID) to develop a multi-purpose Parkway Plan (click here for map) for the Fresno-Clovis Metropolitan Area (the model is the Clovis Old Town Trail). The plan consists of the approved bikeways in the cities of Clovis and Fresno and Fresno County, as well as possible FID irrigation canals that could accommodate trails. The CCT is coordinating this effort with the FMFCD to encourage the development of parks at recharge basins (like Oso D'Oro Park at Forkner and Barstow in Fresno) adjacent to these trails. The goal is to connect FMFCD recreational sites with a network of over 200 miles of urban trails in the Fresno-Clovis Metropolitan Area.

    Leave a Legacy - San Joaquin Valley
    "Leave a Legacy" is an effort to encourage people from all walks of life to make gifts from their estates to the nonprofit organizations of their choice, such as The Clovis Community Foundation. The program encourages prospective donors to work with estate planning professionals, such as attorneys and accountants, with whom they already have a relationship, to establish a charitable bequest or other planned gift. The program's goal is to help people become aware of the many ways they can support causes and organizations that enrich our lives and community.

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The Clovis Botanical Garden is adjacent to the Dry Creek Park, at the northeast corner of Clovis and Alluvial Avenues.

The Botanical Gardens illustrate the beautiful landscapes that can be created with plants well-suited to our area that use a minimum amount of water.

The initial phase consists of a one acre water-wise demonstration garden. Once the entire gardens are completed, they will comprise eight acres on the north side of the Dry Creek Park and will be immediately adjacent to (and have access to) the Dry Creek Trail, a trail spur off the Old Town Trail.

This is an exciting time for the Clovis Botanical Gardens. Construction of a pavilion on site is proceeding rapidly. The pavilion can be used for various functions at the Gardens and for outside events to provide income to help support the ongoing operations of the facility. In addition to the pavilion, many other exciting projects are planned for and being completed as well:

MG 5375
MG 5375
 Clovis Community Foundation Board Member Kent  Hamlin presents a $30,000 check to Anne  Clemons at the groundbreaking celebration  October 22, 2015. The grant from the Foundation  provided seed money to be matched by other  donations to help fund construction of the  pavilion. 
 MG 5376
MG 5376
 Kent Hamlin, Anne Clemons, Clovis Planning and  Development Director Dwight Kroll, and Clovis  Rotary President Rich Manfredo participate in the    ceremonial groundbreaking for the project. The  Clovis Rotary Club donated $9,000 toward the  initial construction costs for the project
MG 5578
MG 5578
 The concrete slab for the project is in place and  ready for further construction.
MG 5597
MG 5597
 Supports for the overhead structure are lowered  into place.
MG 5600
MG 5600
 A Home Demonstration Garden is planned for  construction soon – here is the landscape  architect’s vision of the garden, which is designed  to assist homeowners in selecting drought-tolerant  plants and other native plants suited for our area.  The garden is largely funded by a $22,000 grant  from the Stanley Smith Horticulture Trust.
MG 5404
MG 5404
 This Native Plant Garden features a dry creek and  plants particularly well suited for our arid climate.  Former Fresno County Counsel Kevin Briggs and  his family donated $7,000 to help construct the  garden in honor of their parents.

Contact Information:

Phone: (559) 298-3091
Website: www.clovisbotanicalgarden.org
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Clovis Community Foundation (CCF) exists to enrich the quality of life in Clovis by promoting effective philanthropy in the areas of culture, arts, and recreation.

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